Pro-India Intelligence Chief replaced , Promises to dismantle anti-Pak training camps , Taliban tacitly accept Western education , To resist Uzbek hegemony

Zahid Malik

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 – The Pakistan Observer had, in an exclusive front-page story on September 6, revealed that Mr. Mohammed Umar Daudzai, Ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan, will field himself as a presidential candidate in the next crucial elections in Afghanistan to be held in 2014, but Afghan President Hamid Karzai launched a clever pre-emptive move by appointing him powerful Interior Minister.

To further empower Daudzai, he also replaced a pro-India Intelligence Chief Assadullah Khalid with Rahmatullah Nabeel. While Pakistan has yet to enter into a formal dialogue with the Taliban, in the meantime, its leadership across the Durand Line in the perspective of pragmatic understanding with President Karzai, has also demanded release of several dozens of Taliban from Afghan jails. To further promote an enabling atmosphere, President Karzai was displaying reconciliatory overtures “The Taliban required to be free has the stamp of Mullah Omar,” a source confided.

President Karzai, desirous of enjoying another presidential term solemnly promised to launch an operation in east of Kunar and dismantle, once and for all, anti-Pakistan training camp and guerilla activities by Indian intelligence outfit, RAW, duly backed and funded in dollars.

“However, Taliban fear that an apparent benign operation against anti-Pakistan camp may be used to crush its nearby concentrations”, an Afghan Taliban leader confided on condition of anonymity. While President Karzai conceives and interprets all such developments conducive to his future role, in the meantime, Taliban too in their various written memoranda have, broadly speaking, specified their following demands:

1. Establishment of an independent Islamic system i.e. any future system in Afghanistan should be based on Islamic Republicand not a secular system as is being promoted by some Western States, Russia and India as well.

2. Participation of all Afghans in the emerging developments. Taliban are also, now, favourably inclined to accept the reality that Afghanistan belongs to “all and not just to Pashtoons”. However, they have threatened to strongly resist if Tajik or Uzbek minority is imposed upon Pashtoon majority.

3. Equipping the young generation with both religious and modern studies which means that Taliban have rightly and indirectly accepted somewhat secular Western education system also.

It is not only that Karzai is turning to patch up with Taliban, the United States too has agreed to accept Taliban’s following demands:

1. Release of all Taliban leaders and other prisoners

2. Closure of notorious Guantanamo Bay detention facility and Bagram horror prison

3. Accept Taliban as the main party of Afghanistan

4. Lifting of UN sanctions on Taliban

5. End of all operations against Taliban

6. Acceptance of a ceasefire before start of formal talks

The leadership of Taliban has particularly demanded withdrawal of all charges against the following Taliban leaders: MullahAbdul Rahim, Sheikh Aminullah, Mullah Dadullah, Mullah Mohammed Azim, Muhammed Ismail Abu Ahmed, MuhammedNasser, Mullah Alah ud-Din, Jalaluddin Haqqani, Mullah Anwar ul-Haq Mujahid, Mullah Ahmed Taha Khalid, Mullah Akhtar Mohammed Mansour, Mullah Dost Mohammed, Mullah Ihsanullah, Mullah Mansour Dadullah, Maulana Mohammed Munib, Mullah Abdul Muttalib, and Mullah Mohammed Rasoul.

In the perspective of above, Pakistan has to move fast to be a terrorism-free economy-friendly State. Indecisiveness and endless process of weaving consensus is causing huge losses to Pakistan which also includes the latest major loss of Maj.General Sanaullah.

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