Karachi’s garbage crisis

Tooba Abdul Qadeer

Garbage and sewage crisis are amongst the many tragedies that have afflicted Karachi over the decades. In some areas situation is even worst, like sewage water enters the homes, which gives rise to many harmful diseases. The citizens of Karachi do not need to read sanitation of city in newspapers? as they can witness it in every corner of the city. Karachi as the biggest city and also economic hub of the country. It needs a serious attention but no one is serious to look after it. People are disappointed and they want a proper solution.
World Bank declares Karachi among the ten worst cities of the world. Garbage disposal and sewage water problems are also the main reasons behind it. Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar began 100-days campaign to clean the city but no sign of improvement. After the failure of provincial and local administration, Bahria Town has now extended cooperation in ridding Karachi of heaps of garbage that over the years has become a black spot on face of the city.
Some serious responsibilities are on citizens shoulders as well, like if the garbage bin would be placed in every corner of the street and if the people don’t litter in society or on roads and use dustbins then it would help in keeping the city clean. We just need to understand the root cause of the problems. If the people understand then it will surely help in making Karachi clean once again, but with the support of faithful city administration.

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