Karachi’s biggest Thalassemia centre appeals for blood donations to save kids lives

City Reporter

Karachi’s biggest thalassemia centre, treating some 1,400 kids needs blood donations, 750 bags every month to save the lives of kids, facing death because of blood cancer
Its key functionary Ateequr Rehman moaned that no donation came during the entire month of Holy Ramazan, which just passed by. That means that a centre, engaged in humanitarian service free of charge for 12 years, is now in problems.
The centre has saved lives of hundreds of children, suffering from blood cancer but now is faced with a grim situation. He feared that if his appeal for humanitarian cause went unheeded hundreds of children, needing urgent attention, will be in danger.
The centre is the only one in Pakistan, largest of the country, which has no cash counter, and is engaged in service for a noble cause. He appealed to people, organisations etc to donate blood which is urgently needed.

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