Karachiites to pay parking fee for their vehicles

Unique idea by KMC

Irfan Aligi

Karachi—The people of Karachi should now be prepared to pay for the inefficiency and corruption of the bureaucracy that is running the civic and municipal departments of the province on adhocism, for paying fee for parking their vehicles annually along with the vehicle taxes.
This unique idea is the creation of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation’s (KMC) administrator on the directives of Sindh Local Government Minister Jam Khan Shoro has announced to cancel all ongoing charged parking sites from the city, which would be replaced through imposing of annual charged parking fee along with motor vehicle tax.
The KMC administrator has announced this scheme through a handout issued Saturday.
The KMC administrator claimed that the commuters would get comfort and free from the corruption in charged parking system including those sites that have been established in nook and cranny of the city.
Under the new scheme, the KMC would continue to keep its employees deployed at all official charged parking sites but they won’t charge any fee from the commuter as the later would have already paid the fee along with the motor vehicle tax annually.
He said that at least 41 sites are active in the city under the aegis of the KMC, which adds some 60 million to KMC’s accounts per annum.
Only 9 sites are being operated by the private contractors through auctioning of the sites. The new scheme would end the nuisance of the corrupt charged parking practices and minting money from the commuters.
When contacted the KMC administrator told Pakistan Observer that a committee would be constituted to ascertain the variety of aspects and the general public would be approached for their suggestion and objections on which basis the committee would finalise the recommendations for the final step of implementing the new scheme of charged parking.
To a query about levying the charged parking fee on motorcyclists, who have been exempted from motor vehicle tax, he said that it depends if the motorcyclists might get an exemption, too.
When asked as why the KMC is unable to make the CDGK Car Parking Plaza as operational and end the traffic police’s atrocities on the commuters for heavy penalty on parking their vehicles at a wrong side, the KMC administrator said that it would need time to cover this topic and for this the scribe has to meet him in person for a good explanation.
To another, he said that though the former city nazim from Jamaat-e Islami Advocate Naimatullah Khan had made parking free in the entire city, he said that since the KMC is already facing financial crunch and hence the revenue thus generated through charged parking could not be made free for the people.
LG Deptt, KMC to enforce collecting charged parking fee along with MV tax in Karachi

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