Karachiites to celebrate independence day in a befitting manner

With just a week to go for the 71st independence day celebrations of the country, Karachiites are all set to make most of it, that too in a befitting manner. Befitting indeed, as it is perhaps for the first time in the history of Karachi itself that landscape architects, designers, horticulturists, environmentalists alongwith enthusiasts, representing different sections of the society, have taken upon themselves to plant 71,000 trees across the metropolis. The figure 71,000 has been purposely chosen to mark the 71st anniversary of our homeland, said Rafi ul Haq, a figure quite active to turn Karachi “Green”.
Reminding that prominent inhabitants of the metropolis keen to protect the coastal city against the challenge of global warming had repeatedly appealed that extensive plantation be done by every Karachiite, he said the endeavour is to make the celebration all the more meaningful.
“Fortunately almost every section has joined and they also include public representatives, officials pertaining to concerned departments, journalists and many more,” said the excited activist.
Although the appeal to Karachiites was to beautify their homes and surroundings through plantation of trees and shrubs instead of paper flags and bunting yet the charm latter hold among many, particularly kids, could not be deterred in any manner.
Makeshift stalls can thus be seen at every nook and corner of the metropolis selling flags in all sizes and varied materials alongwith insignia of diverse categories good enough to equally lure people of all age group.
Printing units, particularly those located around Pakistan Chowk, in downtown, are definitely doing roaring business running in millions.
“This is peak season for us as with comparatively low investment much profit can be drawn in view of the trend among people to decorate their homes, localities and work place with flags and other paper made material,” said Mohammad Mairaj.
The proprietor of a known printing press said services of additional workers have also to be hired to meet the public demand giving boom to business that otherwise is restricted to printing of invitation cards or visiting/business cards.
“Yes! the zeal to celebrate the big day definitely propels the economy,” said Dr. Shahida Wizarat a known economist emphasizing that the spirit can be further channelized into concrete measures.
Printing of flags could be cited as just a single component of the ongoing economic activity, associated with independence day celebrations.
Clothes, in green and white, often comprising traditional shalwar – kameez for young boys and girls are definitely a new addition to the items on sale at the road side stalls, mainly managed by women.
Huge to regular sized national flags made of cloth and traditional garments in peculiar combination of green and white are being stitched by many of the home based workers.
“Growing popularity of these dresses is a definite surge in the limited income of these workers, many of whom this time have decided to set their own road side stalls,” said Naheed Syed, an activist working for home based workers.
At current point of time residential building and commercial centres can already be witnessed to have hoisted the national flags while many of homes have started installing decorative bulbs in green and white enhancing the beauty of city known for its light and glitter—APP

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