Karachiites scared of looming heat wave

Muhammad Farooq

I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to the impending distress for the people of  Karachi booming in the form of sizzling heat in the months ahead. Unlike the other parts of the country where the heavy rains hit the cities, Karachiites pray for it as the temperature is gradually increasing day after day and will be on its peak in the months of May and June. According to Met department, similar to the last year, a severe heat wave is likely to strike the city yet again. Keeping in mind that last year more than 1200 people died because of heatstroke, the Provincial government have ordered the health department to take the precautionary measures but nobody knows whether these orders will be implemented or evaporate in the air. Declaring emergency in the hospitals is not enough; here the government, NGOs and civil society has to rise to the occasion and take precautionary pre-emptive measures to any human catastrophe. Camps and stalls should be installed by various political or non-political groups all over the city to provide instant relief to the heat affected persons, along with free distribution of water and juices to cope the dehydration problem due to intense heat. Beside these steps, K-electric has to be kind and just to the people of poor areas and slums of the city as the burden of Air conditioners running in the elite class societies is put on these areas cutting their electricity for many hours, almost 12-14 a day during summers. It is also a request to KE to repair the transmission lines and grid stations before the heat wave as we noticed last year the frequent breakdowns of many grid stations that added tons of trouble in the crisis situation. Therefore, the pre-emptive measures should be taken to save as many lives as we can and prevent the risk of casualties. Otherwise this issue will become upcoming burning topic in local and international media and gigantic affliction for the people of Karachi.
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