Karachi Zoo gets a new and rare pair of bears


Staff Reporter

Karachi zoo, looking deserted and being blamed for neglect where animals died regularly, got a new and rare pair of bears arrived after 16 years.
It comprised a South Asian male and Syrian female , which the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation got transferred to a place of interest for people of all ages.
Deputy mayor Arshad Vohra explained that KMC was trying its best to improve conditions of the zoo adding that more animals will be added in the coming months.
Quite contrary to his promises the bears kept in a hollow cement cage, looked a sorry picture.
Removed from their natural habitat and forced to spend time in cramped cages with deteriorating cleanliness conditions, it seems like all hope is lost for animals at Karachi zoo.
A number of animals including three newborn Puma cubs and a Bengal tiger have been reported dead in the recent past.

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