Karachi under-construction roads take 2,800 people to hospitals

Staff Reporter

Be it from Shahra-e-Faisal to MA Jinnah Road or University Road to National Highway, these days every main route of the metropolis is dug up for re-construction.
Although the step has been taken to make commute easy for the citizens, it has instead been causing accidents, landing around 2,800 people in hospitals.
The figures have been shared by Karachi Police Surgeon Dr Ayaz Khokar, who told Geo News the count includes women and children. The casualties took place across the city in 2016, as many main routes, such as the National Highway are dug open since then.
However, this is not the first time this has happened in Karachi. The number of casualties in accidents on uneven, under construction roads, increases almost every year.
In 2015, 2,700 road traffic accidents were reported to the police surgeon office. Before that, in 2014, 2,200 cases were reported for medico-legal proceedings.
However, these are only the reported cases. There are many who go unreported as people do not want to register accidents, fearing legal issues.

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