Karachi traffic

Travelling on roads which has lot of traffic is not an easy job. People always try to avoid traffic rush and even go for longer routes or pay toll to avoid these rush. In Karachi travelling is also not easy. If one is travelling from Tariq Road/Bahadurabad to Johar Chowrangi he has to face many rush points which are daily routine from 6 PM to 10 PM. First rush point is at Time Medico signal (by constructing underpass this issue can be resolved) which takes dozens of minutes. Rush is so much that cars slow down from Aga Khan Hospital.
After that second rush point is at Dalmia where because of carts (10-15) and double parking road becomes narrow and cars slow down which causes jam. This can easily be avoided if these carts and double parking is finished from this area. After that the third point of traffic jam is Millennium Mall. Bridge was constructed near this Mall but it didn’t help. Now underpass or may be one more bridge can ease traffic from here.
The next point where cars/bikes/buses are stuck in rush is Johar Morr. From Johar Morr to Johar Chowrangi traffic moves at snail’s pace and it is because of wrong parking, wrong way driving. This can easily be handled also if traffic police are active at these positions. I request concerned authorities to look into this and resolve as it is creating problems for thousands of people daily who have to face this traffic issue (40-50 minutes rush) on these positions.
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