Karachi roads

Sir, as we know that Karachi is the biggest city of our country but with a vast number of challenges. Through the courtesy of your newspaper, I want to highlight some of the problems on roads of the city {of lights}. Huge population has generated huge traffic on roads. There are less proper traffic semaphores to control traffic and we still rely mostly on traffic police that controls traffic manually. Then half of the roads at some points are encroached thus leaving little space for smooth traffic flow.
There are fewer facilities for common people who cannot afford to have a car or motorcycle as there is a massive collapse in our local transportation system. I am not saying that there is no local transport, but we can have and we deserve much more than what we are having right now. After a ban on Qingqi Rickshaw by SHC, the same job is being done by other compact rickshaws. Before that ban, the Qingqi had four seats at the front for men and three seats at the back for women whereas now after that ban the Rickshaw which had just three seats have somehow adjusted six seats and men and women both sit there combined with too much difficulty but they have to as they are helpless with same fares.
VIPs movement also distracts and make common people pissed off, as roads are blocked and people have to wait for hours in traffic. There are many more problems on roads that need to be fixed, but these were some where the concerned authorities should have a look and help out the people of Karachi, while citizens also need to cooperate for better results.

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