Kamal wants empowering of LG institutions

Says Rangers, Army cannot solve problems

Salahuddin Haider


Pak Sarzameen Party chief Mustafa Kamal has said that military or Rangers were no solutions to the problem facing the country. He did not wish to target anyone, but a realistic assessment was overdue, so he felt sorry that federal and provincial government failed to play their due role in combating terrorism.
Their principal mistake was that they shirked responsibilities in executing the 18 of 20 points of the National Action Plan, for army which had framed it, had mere two of these points as its responsibility. But the civilian authorities never realized their responsibilities, and the country now is paying the prince.
He said he firmly believed that neither the federal nor the provincial governments can solve multitude of problems facing the people. These can only be realized by transferring of authority to local government institutions. Army operations was not a solution of these problems.
The priority today, therefore, is on implementing the 19 points of the National Action Plan, without which things will not improve. The NAP, he said, was framed in the wake of attack on army public school, Peshawar in 2014, which was the saddest incident of its kind in the country. It called for quick action, but the civilian government sat idly by which was a sordid state of affairs. This was bad luck for the country.
He added that statements that he would say at his press conference Saturday, may annoy many a people, but truth had to be said for the sake of the country and the nation. Allowing Rangers in the Punjab was a wise decision. Voices were raised from all over the country for this. It has now happened, but can such steps bring about qualitative changes in the situation. The answer lay in all stakeholders to sit together, and look for practical solutions.
He recalled that Rangers had come to Karachi some quarter century ago. Had a clear cut operation been carried out in Lyari, atleast three generations of people, would have lived in security today. Concentration of power had to be replaced by devolutuion.
Agencies add: Mustafa Kamal said the government was exhausting Pakistan’s front line forces by bringing them on the forefront for any issue the country faces. “We have committed some mistakes in the past, and we need to fix these problems rather than launching operations,” he added.

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