Kamal leveled allegations at security agencies: Faisal Sabzwari


KARACHI : Muttahida Qaumi Movement – Pakistan (MQMP) leader Faisal Sabzwari has on Saturday said that the party didn’t want to be merged into any other party. He added that Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) leader Mustafa Kamal had leveled allegations on the intelligence agencies of the country in his press conference.

Talking to media, Faisal Sabzwari said that MQMP leader Farooq Sattar had announced to go to the martyrs’ graveyard but the administration didn’t allow him to do so. He added that MQM workers had been martyred for the progress of politics in the country but an impression has been made that every MQMP worker is a terrorist and target-killer.

Sabzwari said that the descendants of the people who made Pakistan could not go against Pakistan. He added that MQMP had organised a huge rally on November 5. He also highlighted that MQMP was the only party raising its voice over the misreporting done in the census. He vowed to continue with anti-violence politics.

Talking about the alliance with PSP, Sabzwari stated that MQMP had made a serious effort to join hand with PSP but the irresponsible statements by PSP chief Mustafa Kamal forced MQM to retract from the earlier position. He added that MQM Rabita Committee was united and the entire party was on the same page. He thanked Mustafa Kamal to have provided the impetus to MQMP to unite once again. “You want us to forget our identity and that’s impossible”, he said.

Faisal Sabzwari said that Mustafa Kamal made personal attacks today in his press conference. “He (Kamal) alleged me of having phoned the journalists. I offer my phone for a forensic test and request Mustafa Kamal to offer his phone as well”, he said. He added that 90% of PSP workers were in contacts with MQMP and as soon as the pressure will be released, they’ll flock back to the party. He added that PSP leaders will have their securities confiscated in the elections.

Talking to media in Karachi, Mustafa Kamal said that he wants to unearth some sensitive facts with great care, adding that we are not among those who leak confidential things at first. He said media pusblished that PSP and MQM joint press conference was held over establishment’s order

“Farooq Sattar accused establishment of kidnapping him and forced him to hold press conference with PSP but the reality is that Sattar used establishment and talked to me for the merger of MQM and PSP,” exposed Mustafa Kamal.

I am not an agent of establishment but I usually talk to it for the recovery of people abducted in the metropolis, he added.

Calling Farooq Sattar a liar, Mustafa Kamal said that MQMP chief misled the nation in his solo presser but he will tell full truth today. He said Sattar has been meeting with PSP for past eight months in which MQM members including Khawaja Izhar and Amir Khan were also present.

Orignally published by NNI

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