Kamal extends olive branch to Farooq Sattar

Salahuddin Haider


Pak Sarzameen Party chief Mustafa Kamal extended hand of friendship to rival faction of MQM Tuesday, requesting him to work together for the progress and growth of Karachi and its people.
He made the dramatic change in his stance at a press conference, following shocking defeat of MQM nominee in the by-election of PS-114 constituency, which, for the first time since 1988, went to People’s Party, and was hailed as the victory of principles by PPP leaders, Bilawal Bhutto included.
Kamal requested Farooq Sattar, his former colleague in united MQM to keep aside personal aggrandizement or ego for a larger cause, which should be service to all and sundry living in Karachi, all nationalities and ethnic groups, not just Mohajirs or Urdu speaking people.
This was the need of the hour, and call of the time, he said, gesturing that his hand had already was extended for friendship and for keeping the differences away.
Analysts treated this as realization that division within MQM, the party founded by Altaf Hussain in 1986, had begun to hurt it badly, and disunity among different factions may widen the gulf further which had to be bridged now.
The nominee of MQM Pakistan, Kamran Tessori lost to PPP’s Senator Saeed Ghani by a margin of 5,500 votes in the solitary elections, held after many months on Sunday, but while PPP basked in the glory it obtained, MQM had realized that it was faced with a grim situation in the absence of Altaf Hussain, and that it had to do some soul searching now to regain the prestige, which had been its hallmark for almost three decades.
“I ask you Farooq Bhai (Kamal used these words for the first time ever since returning from exile some two years ago) to let us join hands, keep our differences away” said Kamal, but his remarks had to be taken with a pinch of salt when he actually hinted at he himself being the leader. He dropped broad hint that since his party had now become the platform, Farooq Sattar, should join him.
He made it clear in so many words that mere Jiey Mohajir slogan, or ‘kite’ as the electoral symbol of MQM, would no more be relevant. This was something that perhaps, would keep Farooq Sattar and his party away from PSP. “The Pakistan People’s Party is benefiting from the current political situation of the city despite the stories of its corruption and incompetence,” he added.

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