Kamal and Sattar meet accidentally, shake hands


Staff Reporter

Two former colleague, but for over a year arch enemies, and diametrically opposed to each, met accidentally met at a seminar at Karachi University Saturday, shook hands warmly, greeting each other with smiles, something which none had accepted until it happened
Both had been at the alma mater for a seminar on “the role of youth in national integration ad regional conectivity”. Kamal who had arrived at the venue first, stood up in his seat, seeing Farooq Sattar walking into the auditorium and offered his seat to the senior one,
Sattar reciprocated equally warmly, exchanged greetings with broad smiles on their faces. While Kamal, a former cabinet minister and Mayor leads the Pakistan Sarzameen Party, while Sattar is head of a MQM faction which after severing links with his former leader Altaf Hussain, has renamed the organisation as MQM Pakistan, and commands overwhelming majority of party workers.
They had in the past been accusing each other of betrayal, and playing into the hands of others, with the sentiments of the people. But today they sat together, exchanging pleasantries which was a rare sight, and surely unexpected.
“We just shook hands, nothing wrong in it” Said Sattar, and did Kamal, but whether the chance meeting would lead to something concrete or positive, looks highly unlikely.

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