Kalabagh Dam feasible project;  guarantee for national prosperity: Humayun Saifullah


ISLAMABAD : Former Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Minister for Irrigation and member National Assembly Humayun Saifullah Khan has said that Kalabagh Dam is a feasible project and guarantee for collective prosperity of the country.

In an interview with INP here Thursday, Humayun Saifullah Khan said if immediate attention was not given to the increasing shortage of water in the country, Pakistan would be in great difficulty and serious crisis. He said he agree with international experts that there could be water wars in the future among states who would be struggling for their share of water.

The former KPK Irrigation Minister, where ANP is opposing the construction of Kalabagh Dam said, the dam was vital for the very survival of Pakistan. He said who ever opposes the Kalabagh dam project cannot be friend of Pakistan. He emphasised that no one would be harmed by the dam but its fruits would be available to every one.

He said misgivings, misunderstandings and lack of mutual trust is the hurdle in the implementation of the project and urged the federal government to take necessary steps on priority basis to build consensus among the provinces for the water reservoir.

Humayun Saifullah said the best forum to remove the hurdle is Council of Common Interests. He said the objections of the provinces against the Kalabagh Dam project should be addressed there and made part of the project. He stressed that all the water storage projects should be initiated simultaneously as this would be in the best interest of our coming generations.

He again stressed that Kalabagh dam is technically, economically  and geographically a feasible project saying it  has no link with the flooding of Peshawar Valley,  particularly Nowshera and therefore the problem should be resolved on the basis of ground realities.

He said in addition to generation of 3600MW of electricity, the dam would provide additional irrigation water to the four provinces and meet the cost of construction in 10 to 15 years. As a result of additional irrigation water, agriculture production would increase to meet the demand of fast growing population, he asserted.

Originally published by INP

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