Kabul should come out of Indian lap

DESPITE an unending smear campaign launched by Afghan leadership against Pakistan apparently to appease the Indians, we always desired cordial relations with the neighbouring country and never retaliated to venomous language currently being transmitted from across the border. In fact, it is Pakistan which has always shown goodwill towards Afghan people and on Monday also Adviser on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz while talking to EU Special Representative on Afghanistan Franz Michael Mellbin reaffirmed Pakistan’s desire for meaningful dialogue with Afghan leadership on matters of bilateral relations.
There is no denying the fact that both Pakistan and Afghanistan are faced with common challenges and the foremost amongst them is curse of terrorism which has afflicted heavy losses to both the countries in terms of human and material. Given the geographical proximity, the two countries can effectively fight the menace by enhancing intelligence coordination and demonstrating mutual understanding and trust. However, it is regrettable that Afghan leadership while ignoring ground realities is often seen accusing Pakistan of all wrong things happening in its own territory ignoring the fact that Pakistan cannot do the task which falls within the domain of Afghan government or NATO forces. There are several independent studies, which admit that factors impeding peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan are internal in nature. We can well understand as to why Afghan leadership is resorting to foul language against Pakistan but it should also keep in mind that this cannot reduce warmth and affection that is found between the peoples of two countries. We call upon Afghan leadership to stop appeasing Indians and engage positively with Pakistan not only to fight terrorist elements by evolving a clear-cut mechanism but also find ways and means to revive the stalled peace process which is the only panacea to bring an end to the long miseries of Afghan people.

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