Kabul rocked

According to the news report emanating from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, a massive explosive device detonated in the diplomatic enclave killed at least 90 people and injured more than 400 including some diplomats. South Asian region is plagued with terrorism. Afghanistan has been the breeding and battleground for such activities. Terrorist organizations like ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Taliban rule the war-torn country. Obviously being the neighbour, Pakistan also bears the brunt of terrorist activities.
The bomb was of great intensity which caused panic and wide spread destruction in the centre of Kabul. Ashraf Ghani’s government and security forces are almost nonexistent beyond the capital. World leaders have condemned this dastardly terrorist act and expressed grief over the great loss of life. The question is when will this end. In order to wipe out this menace all the countries will have to jointly act against these terrorists organization. We will have to strategize a well-thought-out plan to eradicate and eliminate terrorism and its root cause.

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