Kabul under pressure to buy US rifles


The United States has been pressuring Afghanistan to ditch the thousands of free Kalashnikov assault rifles that it has received from Russia and buy American equivalents instead, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says.
“The Americans insist that 50,000 Kalashnikov rifles with munitions that were handed over to the Afghan security forces free of charge be removed from operational use and Afghanistan buy US-made rifles and submachine guns instead,” Lavrov told Russian lawmakers 24 hours ago.
Russia has donated the weapons over the past few years, with at least 10,000 of them having been delivered in 2016. Upon receiving the batch, Hanif Atmar, who is the national security adviser to President Ashraf Ghani, hailed the move as a sign of the “deep friendship between” Afghanistan and Russia.
“This important donation is from an important friend of Afghanistan in a crucial time for Afghanistan and the region,” he said at the time.
Having been in use for decades now, the AK rifle series has proven reliable in various battle conditions. Its older, iconic model, the AK-47, remains in active use in Afghanistan and other countries.
‘Militating against Russia just for the fun of it’
Lavrov said Moscow had already raised concerns with Kabul about the true intentions behind the US demand and the fate of the Russian-provided weapons in case the Afghans cave in to the US pressure.—Agencies

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