Kabul closes Peshawar consulate over ‘harassment’ of diplomats

Observer Report

Islamabad—Afghanistan closed on Tuesday its consulate in Peshawar over alleged “harassment” of its diplomatic staff, Afghan sources said.
“We closed the consulate because of mistreatment of some diplomats in Peshawar this morning by security personnel,” the source told media.
The move came as Pakistan was set to introduce border management system at Torkha­m. A senior security official had said on Monday the first border management system at Torkham, Khyber Agency, will become functional from June 1 after which people without a valid passport will no longer be allowed to cross into Pakistan. The decision was part of a comprehensive project to secure the Durand Line.
After Torkham, the rest of the seven entry points into Pakistan from Afghanistan – right from Arandu in Chitral to Ghulam Khan in North Waziristan – will be built in the same manner, subject to funding and other modalities involved, the official added.

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