K-Electric emerges as standout customer experience transformer

The global leader in provid-ing innovative customer care solu-tions Genesys has recently published a case study featuring K-Electric’s contact center transformation.“K-Electric serves more than 2.5 million customers and has invested heavily in modernizing their infrastructure to deliver safer, more affordable power to a rising population. K-Electric also runs one of the country’s largest contact centers.
Achieving an om-nichannel experience across multiple customer touchpoints, such as their website, 29 integrated business cen-ters, text and chat services, as well as mobile engineers, is a key focus for innovation,” the report adds.
The report also reflects an impres-sive response rate from KE towards its customers, with 87% consumers being responded within a mere 20 seconds timeframe. The system has managed to cut average handling time by 13% and increased first call resolution by 21%.K-Electric suc-cessfully integrated the Genesys platform with their SAP customer re-lation and billing management—a first for the utility sector in Pakistan. The move enabled two unique auto-mated services. The first manages Net Promoter Score; it fetches data from SAP and initiates an outbound call to gauge customer satisfaction.
Advanced analytical and reporting tools, with automated KPI scoring and evaluation, improved customer prioritization and quality manage-ment. These new insights enable customer journey mapping, giving K-Electric a holistic view of interactions across all channels. Because of such initiatives, K-Electric has become the first-ever distributor in Pakistan to achieve ISO 9001-2008 certification for their Integrated Business Cen-ters.
The digital channels including K-Electric website offers access to ser-vices, such as an energy-conservation calculator, complaint handling and e-billing registration. A dedicated K-Electric care team pro-vides 24/7 responses to social media posts. They also keep customers up-dated on power-related develop-ments across the city, while helping to grow awareness of sustainable energy best practices and enabling instant reporting of safety hazards.

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