Justice or bail

Muhammad Usman

Justice delayed is justice denied. This is everyone’s fundamental right. I come to know from media that the former Petroleum Minister Dr Asim’s wife is seriously ill and she is again admitted in a London hospital. Dr Asim Hussain is also not well and doctors have already advised him spinal cord surgery. He has been in custody for more than one and a half years fighting his cases but the courts are moving with snail’s pace.
In this crucial time his cases should be decided instantly or he may be granted bail to meet his wife. Many individuals in the country have been granted parole for their illness or to take care of their dependents. His bail may be allowed on the basis of humanitarian grounds. Dr Asim has already been granted bail by anti-terrorism court on health basis then why not in accountability court? In this crucial time he should be taking care of his wife but unfortunately he is in jail.

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