Justice Mushir asks attorneys to realize a sense of responsibility towards duty


Staff Reporter

Islamabad—Judge Supreme Court of Pakistan, Justice Mushir Alam has urged the District Attorneys/Deputy District Attorneys to have a strong sense of responsibility and commitment towards profession and a deep concern for fellow human beings in the society.
He was addressing the participants at the certificate awarding ceremony of a one-week training course on “Management of Civil Cases” for District Attorneys/ Deputy District Attorneys from all over Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan at the Federal Judicial Academy, in which twenty- two participants were awarded certificates on Saturday.
He said, “We live in the mundane and ephemeral world. Needs and necessities, dreams and desires of this world should not occupy much of our attention and energies. These should not sweep us away. No man is free from weaknesses and shortcomings but we should not be the meek in heart, not like those who always become ready to multiply ills and evils on the earth. We all have to create a new world, a new civilization where there is a strong sense of responsibility, self-accountability, self-regulation, self-analysis and self-evaluation for better service delivery. It t is only possible through self-reformation. Only through self-reformation that humanity en masse can be uplifted and made wholesome.”
The honourable Judge also enlightened the participants with the meaning, message and philosophy of Surah al- Fatiha. “Neither legislative enactments can wipe out selfishness, lust, anger and greed, nor even religious preaching can succeed in destroying selfishness, but we have to look inward, start our self-reformation to bring change in the society,”he concluded. Earlier, Mr. Fakhar Hayat, DG of the Academy presented his welcome speech, a brief profile of the honourable chief guest and an overview of the training course.

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