Justice for Zainab

The brutal rape and murder of minor Zainab is the 12th in series of un-resolved similar crimes in Kasur. From 2006 onwards over 400 videos were found for sexual crimes against young boys and girls, who were being blackmailed in Kasur. All victims of such crimes came from poor or lower middle class families and other PM or CM etc taking notice, the system has become immune and even media forgets about it. Have we forgotten the incident when an 18 year old girl who had courage to report her rape, yet nothing happened and she set herself ablaze in 2014 after her rapist was set free by investigating officer? How long will we live in denial about sexual molestation that often takes place here and there?
Zainab was missing for almost five days but police did not pursue the matter nor registered any FIR. Why do MPAs, MNAs and paid senior civil bureaucrats and police officers disappear when victims of such crimes come from poor families? Members of the Opposition such as Tahir-ul-Qadri only came forward to take political mileage when protest broke out following the discovery of the body.
Had institutional reforms been incorporated and quality CCTV monitor system installed instead of second grade system, such crimes could have been prevented. If this young girl belonged to an affluent and politically powerful family all hell would have broken and in all probability she would have found. Have we forgotten how Sindh and Federal Government moved heaven and earth to come to rescue of Shahrukh Jatoi, Dr Asim, Sharjeel Memon etc and the mockery they made and the manner in which Islamic Law of Diyat was manipulated to save murderers of Shahzeb who showed no remorse? Remember the fate of Dr Shazia Khalid a victim of rape, who had to go on exile to save her life, while her rapist was saved by General Musharraf. When Crime, Punishment and Rule of Law become negotiable to be bartered for short-term political gains, the people lose faith in police, judiciary and system of government and this is the worst that can happen to any country.

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