Justice for Zainab

YET another horrendous and chilling incident in Kasur in which a seven year old teenage girl was raped and then murdered put our heads down in shame and embarrassment, reminding us of both our failures as a society and the state to appropriately exercise the executive and judicial functions to curb this crime of loathing and depravity.
In fact it was not an isolated incident of its kind in Kasur but over the past one year the area has seen about twelve such horrific incidents taking place with minors with local administration appears to be in deep slumber and playing down the magnitude of child abuse, which made the young souls more vulnerable to such incidents. Had those entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the life and property of people fulfilled their responsibilities vis-à-vis dispensing justice to the victim families, Zainabs might not have faced such a fate. As soon as Zainab’s rape and murder story appeared on TV screens, different strata of society ranging from political figures to the celebrities took to the social media as well as the local community resorted to protests to denounce it in the strongest possible terms, demanding immediate arrest and exemplary punishment to the culprit(s). There is no doubt that such incidents will continue to happen again until and unless we make examples out of these evil butchers and monsters by making them hanged publicly as we saw most recently in Iran in a similar kind of incident. It is time for action to save other minors in the area becoming victim at hands of psychological and mentally ill persons. There is also need to avoid doing any politics on this particular issue as it will amount to adding more salt on the wounds of bereaved family. Kasur is not the only community where children are abused, but it may be one of the first where the acts of abuse are also captured on videophones and the clips then compiled on to CDs are sold both in Pakistan as well as, allegedly, abroad. This situation warrants urgent attention on the parts of provincial government and we will urge CM Shahbaz Sharif to establish a special force on the pattern of Dolphin in Kasur to curb such crimes.

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