Justice for Khadija

The LHC acquittal of the son of an influential lawyer and Deputy Attorney General for attempted savage murderous attack on Khadija Siddiqui is very shocking and disheartening to say the least. Just visualizing savagery and brutality of the attack inflicting 23 stab wounds makes you shiver that this individual is now free.
What sort of society are we living in where allegedly Governor and prominent members of Bar, instead of aiding victim are allegedly involved in pressurizing the victim? The only hope is the Suo Motto by the Rev. CJP. If it is not responsibility of the State and its institutions to protect life and honour of citizens, then the least that is expected is that they should tell citizens that Law of Jungle prevails and make your own arrangements. At least people would know where they stand instead of hypocrisy and façade of this country being an Islamic Welfare State. Let them know that Quaid’s vision and concept of democratic welfare died with him.
Not a single religious leader or political party had moral courage to stand up and voice their concern on this issue of public importance. It is failure of State and investigative agencies, funded by the taxpayer, to perform their constitutionally defined role to carry out reliable independent investigation and prosecution if culprits are not punished. It seems scions of influential persons have a gaming permit to kill, wound, rape and terrorize ordinary citizens of this country who are either poor or less influential in worldly possessions.

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