Junoon is back with a Sooper bang!


Sooper along with Junoon plans to motivate all Pakistanis to show the world what they are capable of and take charge of their roles as citizens of Pakistan.
The internet broke loose when Peek Freans Sooper announced the return of Pakistan’s most beloved rock band Junoon after a hiatus of 13 years. There was quite a buzz for some time regarding a Junoon reunion and Peek Freans Sooper once again showed its love for the very nation it serves, by taking it upon them to make this dream of millions a living, breathing reality, in the form of their newest campaign “Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon”.
Peek Freans Sooper is well known for its engaging and enigmatically patriotic campaigns since its inception. This Independence Day, Sooper has gifted us with a musical gem from Pakistan, which reunites the people of Pakistan with their benevolent and exhilarating songs. Junoon consists of veteran music legends Ali Azmat, Salman Ahmed and Brian O Connell. Junoon at the height of their illustrious career, were the biggest band in South Asia, selling millions of albums worldwide, playing massive tours across the globe and winning over the hearts of people not only in Pakistan but all over the world. The band may have been global stars but at heart and in spirit they are truly Pakistani. Their most famous numbers show their love and devotion towards the nation and a desire for its well being and prosperity. Junoon’s comeback was marked by a stunning video, showing the band in all its glory, giving tribute to founding father Allama Iqbal’s dynamic “Asrar-e-Khudi” with a reprised version of the band’s famous rendition “Khudi”.
“Khudi” truly embodies the philosophy of “Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon”, which was described by EBM Marketing Director Ayesha Janjua as an attempt to reunite the nation under one banner and to motivate Pakistanis to elevate themselves and work towards a better brighter future. The song itself talks about change; a paradigm shift, a transformation from ‘what is’ to ‘what can be’. In his legendary poem, Iqbal relates ‘Khudi’ with ‘Rooh’; the divine spark present inside every human being that has the power to open the door to greatness. Iqbal also points out that the ultimate desire for human satisfaction is self-actualization of oneself, rather than other worldly affairs. This anthem truly challenges the status quo and motivates a person to do their best at whatever they do best, regardless of what people say or do in order to bring you down. This is one message that we feel is more essential and relevant to the people of our nation today than it ever was.
The video of the song explores the central theme of the song’s lyrics. It tells the story of ordinary people who have dreams of attaining success and making their country proud and who, as a result, stubbornly persist against all odds to achieve their goals like some of the nation’s most coveted heroes including humanitarians like Ronak Lakhani, Cricketer Fakhar Zaman, VFX Artist Laraib Atta and many more who have shone brightly with excellence in their respective fields to promote a positive image of Pakistan.
Through this venture, Sooper plans to motivate all Pakistanis to show the world what they are capable of and take charge of their roles as citizens of Pakistan. The message conveyed is that the power to take Pakistan forward into a new, progressive era lies in the hands of the people. We must play the role of superheroes in our own lives; ones which have the courage to take the first step towards changing things for the better.

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