Junk food is your enemy

We all children love to eat Junk food. Junk food is tasty and easily available, thus it is very popular. The word “Junk” itself indicates the type of food they are. Junk food is like garbage to our body, which we are consuming by our own choice. Junk food has less nutritional value.
It must not replace daily meals. Daily meals are prepared in such a way that they have all the nutrients required for our body. Junk food has only fats and cholesterol in them that can turn harmful when taken on daily basis. Junk food does not give us energy levels and thus, more food is required to keep the energy level balanced. This leads to increase in weight.
Junk food can also cause diabetes in early ages and sleep disorders. Pizzas, Burgers and French Fries might be tempting but can lead to heart disorders, spike in blood sugar, less activeness, dull reflexes, strokes and clogging of arteries. How ever, such deadly diseases are not caused by consumption of these foods once in couple of weeks. Junk food should not be consumed most of the time to prevent diseases and to lead a healthy life.

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