Jumping over Trump’s wall..!

YOU know something Mr President, said Trumps election manager, “We’ll soon have to start your campaign for your second term!” “I’ve hardly settled down!” grumbled Trump, “You think I can bully the congress to give me eight years at one stretch? Tell them I’ve got lots of things to complete?”
“It doesn’t work that way Mr President, and it’s about them things you have to complete that I’ve come to meet you about, especially the wall, the one you promised the people!” said his campaign manager slowly, “The voters may wonder why you never kept your promise?” “Do I keep all my promises?” asked Trump, “If I’d kept all my promises to all my women I would have had a harem of wives by now! Why do they want that wall so much?”
“It was in every election speech of yours sir, in fact there were election rallies when all you shouted was, Wall, Wall, Wall!” The president ordered his helicopter and with campaign manager in tow flew to the top of one of the taller towers he’d built. He looked down at the whole of his country, then gave a shout, “Hey, who said I didn’t build walls? Look at all them walls below!”
The campaign manager and the president looked down at America and the president smiled as he pointed at walls that now stood between communities, between the ones who could afford medical care and the ones who couldn’t, between chauvinist men and protesting women, between America and those he was preventing from entering the country, between whites and every other colour.
“It’s true sir, Mr President!” gasped his campaign manager, “You’ve kept your promise and how! You told the ‘Merican people you’d build a wall for them between Mexico and us and by Jove you’ve built walls all across America!”
The president grinned and looked down again at the walled country he’d helped create, “What’s that?” he asked as he looked at a walled building in the south of America. “That’s a church sir!” said his campaign manager. “But there’s someone trying to get over it’s wall!” shouted the president, “Quick alert security!”
“The same person’s trying to get over the walls of all the southern churches!” cried the campaign manager, “Those are all them churches whose people gave you their votes, in the name of bringing back the ole time religion you promised!”
There was a call on the intercom and the campaign manager spoke into it as he looked at the president, “They caught the man sir, but he disappeared into thin air, while they were trying to take him in!” “Did they get his name?” asked the president furiously, “How dare someone climb over a church wall I’ve built!” “Yes, they got his name,” whispered the manager. “Who was it? And speak up man!” “He said he was God sir!” said the man continuing to whisper, “He said he was trying to make America great again..!”

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