Juices of all brands to be made as per standard regulations

Salim Ahmed


Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has decided to make Juices of National and International brands according to the principles of health protection. In this way, PFA has issued written instruction to Juice manufacturing companies by fixing the proportion of pure fruits and artificial contents. Strict action will be taken against the violating companies after 25 September. As per Punjab Food Regulation 2017, pure fruit content must be 50% whereas synthetic content be 10% in grape juice. For Apple juice pure content must be 50% while artificial be 11.5%.
As per PFA written instructions, 25% pure content is necessary for mango juice and 13.5% artificial content is allowed. For Orange juice, synthetic content is allowed and pure fruit must be 50%. Peach Juice must be containing 40% pure content and synthetic as 10.5%. Pomegranate juice must be having 25% pure and 12% artificial content whereas Grewia juice must be having 30% pure and 11% synthetic content. As per instruction, all companies must clearly write the content proportion on labels of juices. The attested and verified labels with PFA must be used for packs of juices.

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