JUI-F protests against Syrian, Myanmar Muslims’ genocide

Nasib Shah Shinwari

Landi Kotal

The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) leaders have condemned the genocide of Syrian and Barma Muslims on Sunday by holding a protest demonstration in Landikotal. Led by the general secretary of JUI-F FATA ,Mufti Muhammad Ijaz Shinwari , JUI-F Khyber Agency secretary information Qari Jehad Shah Afridi,Ameer Mulanah Mujahid and Mulanah Tehseenulah ,a large number of JUI-F and JTI (Jamiat Talba-e-Islam) activists and workers gathered at Landikotal bazaar and criticized the silence of international human right organizations over the genocide of Syrian and Barma Muslims.
Addressing on the occasion, Mufti Muhammad Ijaz Shinwari, said that killing of innocent Syrian and Burma Muslims was brutality and should be stopped. He called on the whole Muslim countries to break off diplomatic relations with Russian,Syrian and Iranian governments unless they stopped the bombardment over innocent Syrian population.
They demanded the Muslim leaders to take notice of the state terrorism by the government of Bashar-ul-Asad who was terrorizing and involved in the genocide of Syrian Muslims. Later the leaders of JUI-F also demanded Umar Farooq, the commandant of Khyber Rifles at Landikotal army garrison to issue instructions to the personnel of Tochi scouts at various check posts to stop their inhuman behavior with the locals. They criticized the Tochi scouts personnel at check posts behave the local people and transporters inhumanly.

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