Judiciary cannot run country: PM


Politicians should have same respect as juges, generals; Iqama is nothing but a type of visa

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Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Saturday said that politicians deserve the same respect as judges, generals, and government officials.
While addressing a ceremony in Pasrur, he remarked that a country which doesn’t respect its politicians can never progress. “Politicians are in the front when it comes to running countries and solving problems.” Abbasi while referring to disqualification of former foreign minister Khawaja Asif and said that he was disqualified on basis of iqama. “Iqama is nothing but a type of visa.
Asif served the people for 30 years,” he said, adding “will it benefit the country if its politicians are disqualified on the basis of one visa?” This decision will neither be accepted by history nor people, he remarked.
Khawaja Asif might’ve been disqualified, but it will have no effect on his popularity, the premier added. “History and people don’t accept these verdicts, the institutions have to unite and not indulge in regressing attitudes.”
While referring to upcoming general elections, the premier said that the vote of the people should be respected. “The decision made by the ballot boxes should be respected for the next five years.”
Addressing the groundbreaking of 4-lane Narowal–Lahore-Sialkot Motorway link highway, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said the judiciary cannot run the country, and the government will continue functioning till its last day.
He made it clear that running affairs of the government was not the domain of the courts or the Election Commission of Pakistan.
He stressed upon the ECP to ensure holding of elections within sixty days as there were certain elements who did not want the general election on time.
It was the requirement of the Constitution to hold elections within sixty days after the completion of tenure by a democratic government, he said and warned the political adversaries that they would go to the courts and the public if any delay was caused in holding of elections.
The premier said the number of development projects initiated during PML-N’s tenure surpasses that of the past 65 years.
“Our critics can only criticise our projects and level false allegations against us because they have nothing to brag about as they have done nothing.”
The premier said that the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-N believes in the politics of honour and self-service. “Our five years’ work is equivalent to the last 65 years of projects,” he added. “We overcame challenges with determination. All these projects are because of your vote. This is the power of your vote.”
Commenting on the previous governments, Abbasi said: “You’ve seen what work has been done by Asif Zardari during his tenure. We didn’t back down from the challenges but continued to work hard for the people.” The premier further added that institutions should work as per constitutional capacity.
“If someone wants to take us to courts, then so be it. I must appeal to the Election Commission of Pakistan to conduct the polls on time within 60 days,” the prime minister added. “Without democracy, our country cannot progress. We have respected the courts’ judiciary.”
The PM added that the sanctity of vote must be preserved and that it is the only way the country can progress, he said, as he inaugurated the road between Sialkot and Pasroor.
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi emphasized that all institutions in the country should function under their constitutional limits. The Prime minister said people of the country had mandated the PML-N government to run affairs of the country and it would function till last minute.
The prime minister said the PML-N government implemented the judicial verdicts and never challenged them.
He said the countrymen were aware about all developments and would decide with their votes in the general election. The people knew the politicians sitting on the stage who were doing politics with respect and devotion for the country and its people. PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif also proved it practically, he said, adding the PML-N government never went for the blame game and demeaned anyone as it always promoted decency in politics.
“With judicial verdicts and NAB’s functioning, the country could not attain progress,” he added. About the 4-lane Narowal–Lahore-Sialkot Motorway link highway, the prime minister said the Rs 16 billion project would serve as a milestone in the development of the area and its effects would be far reaching and rapid. The prime minister maintained that Musharraf and Zardari governments had resources with them but they could not execute any mega project.
Minister for State for Information and broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb, former federal ministers Zahid Hamid, Khawaja Asif and political leaders were present on the occasion.
He said though Nawaz Sharif could not contest elections due to a judicial verdict but it was reality, the people would vote for him.
The prime minister said the country which once could not get $65 investment was now being injected with $65 billion projects.
Directing his criticism towards PTI chairman Imran Khan, he said if Korea, China or Germany had the leaders like him, their development pace would have also been halted.
The PTI’s dharna politics had undermined the country’s development. Running of country’s affairs could not be handed over to person like Imran Khan who had no experience of even working in a union council, he added.
About PTI’s provincial government in KPK, he said Peshawar was lying in ruins due to incomplete Rapid Bus Service project.
He said the changes could not be brought about by sitting inside containers, it required practical work.
The minister noted that nations could develop themselves with modern infrastructure, availability of energy resources, durable peace and human development, that’s why the PML-N government had focused on these key areas.
Ahsan Iqbal said no dictator could complete a single mega project. On the other hand, the PML-N completed 1700 kms motorway network which in the next year, would reach to 2200kms.
The minister also lauded the prime minister for the completion of energy projects and overcoming the issue.
Earlier, the prime minister performed the groundbreaking ceremony of 4-lane Narowal – Lahore-Sialkot Motorway link highway.
The construction of 73 km long four-Lane link highway will significantly reduce the distance and travel time between Lahore and Narowal District.

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