Jubilations in China over progress under President Xi’s dynamic leadership


60m Chinese lifted out of poverty in 5 years
Zubair Qureshi


For people around the world China’s remarkable progress in social and economic fields dousing the past five years continues to be a mystery, an enigma. However, for common Chinese people it is not. For them it is rather the fulfillment of promises CPC leadership made to the country at the last 18th National Congress in 2012.
Talking to Pakistan Observer here on Thursday, a day after the historic address of President Xi, a cross section of Chinese people expressed their sense of pride in their leadership and reiterated that CPC under President Xi Jinping, would transform China into a country that can play a leading role on the global stage. Dawn of Chinese era, they said, is not far now and would take place very soon.
According to Zhang Li, a businessman, from 2012-2016, China’s GDP growth rate remained an average 7.3pc which is far above the global growth rate i.e. 2.6pc. During the last five years, China has lifted 55 million people out of poverty (60 million according to the latest figures), built the world’s largest high-speed railway network and also launched the world’s first constant satellite, he said adding it is nothing but a miracle. Adding to the list, China’s Belt and Road initiative (B&RI) to build an interconnected road network has been received well globally.
According to Eileen Pei an analyst, CPC’s major achievements were based on the decisions made at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and carried out by party heads with President Xi Jinping at its helm. She further added that in year 2017, 2,287 delegates have been selected from 40 electoral units, including 31 provinces of China, the municipalities and autonomous regions, centrally administered organs and the People’s Liberation Army. This is real democracy, she said, that gives people a sense of ownership to the country. At this year’s National Congress, a diverse mix of farmers to officials is seen to be truly representative of the people of China, she added.
A journalist by profession, Chao Xiaonglan said the Congress is held every five years and the party delegates nationwide gather to discuss major issues for the party and the country and also select the new party leader. At the meeting, the general secretary for the CPC Central Committee, who is the head of the party, delivers a report reviewing the work of the party over the past five years and sets the tone for the work over next five years. Everything works according to a system and everyone has to follow certain rules, he said.
Meng Shulin, a school teacher, saw the President’s address to 19th National Congress a history-making event. Immediately after the conclusion of the Congress, the new CPC Central Committee will elect the core leadership comprised of 25 new members of the Political Bureau and seven members to the Political Bureau Standing Committee, which already includes President Xi Jinping, said Mr Shulin.
The General Secretary, who is the party leader, is also elected at the same meeting. Xi Jinping was elected party leader at the 18th National Congress held five years ago and went on to be President at the following year’s meeting at the party’s top legislature, he further said.
A foreigner Julius Percy while talking to Pakistan Observer said, with the CPC’s ongoing efforts to deepen reform, China will be able to resolve challenges and overcome difficulties to usher in a new round of improvements and achievements. The CPC has vowed to usher in a more prosperous society in China by 2021, when the party turns 100. I am a keen follower of the National Congress and its outcome and will remain there until the Congress concludes on October 24.
It vowed to turn China into a modern socialist nation, richer and more democratic, more civic and more harmonious by 2049, when the country celebrates 100th anniversary of the communist revolution, he said.
Here one cannot help recalling President Xi’s address a day earlier: “The world is changing with every second, every moment, and China too is changing with every second, every moment. We must ensure our theory evolves with the times, deepen our appreciation of objective laws, and advance our theoretical, practical, institutional, cultural and other explorations. Comrades, the era is the mother of thought, the practice is the fount of theory. If we respond to the call of our times and have the courage to uphold truth and correct errors, the Marxism of 21st Century China will, without a doubt, emanate a mightier, more compelling power of truth.”
He also promised the country would not be allowed to “mechanically copy the political systems of other countries. And no one should expect China to swallow anything that undermines its interests.”

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