JS Bank hosts Nik Gowing’s talk

Dubai—JS Bank organized a talk by Nik Gowing for a select audience in Dubai. Nik Gowing is a former main news presenter for BBC with extensive reporting experience over three decades in diplomacy, defence and international security.
The talk was attended by leaders from the corporate sector. Gowing’s talk revolved around his report titled “Thinking The Unthinkable”. He discussed unexpected events in the world’s history including the Ebola outbreak, the collapse in oil prices, the migrant crisis in Europe and the potential election of Donald Trump to US President. The focus was on how the ability to foresee and handle such events is lacking and how leadership on the corporate and public service level are vulnerable to the impact of these “unexpected, non-normative events”.
The event was hosted by Ali J. Siddiqui, Chairman, JS Bank. Speaking at the event, he said that this is a tremendous honor for us to haveNikGowing take time out to talk about his report. It is imperative that we work towards addressing our vulnerabilities when unexpected events create the chaos that they do.—PR

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