Journey of development to be extended to whole Pakistan: Shahbaz


Salim Ahmed

President PML (N) &Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said that we will further move the voyage of public service ahead after July 25 as we have always worked hard to overcome the deprivation of people and will continue it in future as well.
While talking to former Ministers and the members of Assembly, Shahbaz Sharif said that the journey of public service started from Punjab should extend its scope to the whole Pakistan. Serving people brings satisfaction and happiness that is why we went for politics not for rule but for serving our people. Furthermore he added that PML-N government has not only constructed roads, bridge, metro bus and orange line metro train, but schools, colleges, universities, Medical centres, new hospitals and reshaped old hospitals.
Anyone who has suspicion should go and visit the hospitals in far-off districts such as Muzaffarghar and Layyah where high quality medicines and CT scan test facilities are available for free, he added. CM said that it happened for the first time in the hospitals of Punjab that fee for high standard Pathology tests has been sacked. We are men of our words as people can compare the situation of load shedding before 2013 and after 2018, the difference is clear.
He said that energy project of billions of rupees have been set up in Punjab and now electricity generated in Punjab is being used by whole Pakistan through National Grid. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif further added that we believe in the politics of public service rather than that of impeachment and blaming, also we know that there is greatness in serving.
Those who called on Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif included former provincial ministers Raza Ali Gillani, Sami Ullah Khan, Sultan Mehmood Hanjra and other members of Assembly.

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