‘The Journey Land of Mysteries’ hits bookstalls

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A unique book with a unique title ‘The Journey Land of Mysteries’ has arrived at twin cities’ major bookstalls and bookshops and is selling like hot cake. Published by Lahore-based publisher Book Home the book is authored by Muhammad Saad Atif noted writer and a voice of the youth representing young sensibilities in his book. The 128-page anthology comprises 28 stories in which the writer highlights various facets of life and concerned realities; pain, pleasure, self-interests and selfishness.
The writer appears to unveil the truth that real success lies in the core of actions, deeds and kinds of courses what humans pursue. He also highlights relevance of refitting choices under the prevailing and unpredictable circumstances. He also describes people’s nature exposes their realistic attitudes in this book.
All the said-above features are fairly expressed in the characters of the four dwellers namely Allianz, Nou, Sappro and Santiago. Significantly, the relation of pain and pleasure is noteworthy addition in the first story. It is mentioned in it that the bad time is a foreteller of good days.
The particular feature in a story is the assumption of “karma” that robust life depends on how one treats others and what kind of attitude regarding others he or she undertakes.
Similarly, in the story of Allianz, fear of death and the survival for others is the continuation of the idealistic stance that the author accentuates. In the Sapporo character, the process of death has been illustrated as the indicative of the human life’s in-durability.
In Nous character, value of being good to others is emphasized. In the following sections, it is particularly assessed that the world is the blend of imaginations and thoughts where dreams have a weighty role to play in the human’s life. The book is the unique addition into the literary world. The knowledge seekers will find a remarkable motivation if they study it.

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