Journalism in Pakistan

Journalism is one of the most mainstream professions in Pakistan.
Many idealise journalists. However, the question is: Is it easy to get there? Of course, one can reach but it requires a lot of hard work and efforts. One has to undergo a lot of endurance to achieve his passion. But when we talk about journalism or mass media in Pakistan, I have to say that the roots are quite weak. Mass Communication Departments all over the country are not as good as they should be, or like other countries. When an individual selects this profession, he starts from the beginning. Students are not given the exposure to be ready in the practical field. That is one of the biggest reasons that a student faces problems when they go and search for jobs. They are not taught proper skills that a journalist should possess. Teachers in their particular departments concentrate more on theory as compared to practical. I request the government to take some worthwhile steps to provide better education in all the department of mass communication in the entire country and I also request teachers to concentrate on practical work more than theory.
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