JIT — a giant step forward


Muhammad Usman
IN Pakistan truth is on the march. Its nemesis, once formidable, are on run. Their house is crumbling however, remains defiant to deflect public anger and anguish as they have done in past by fooling people under rubric of various types. They would not give in to yearnings and aspirations of people for change. They abhor this proposition because their chemistry is devoid of such particles. They would fight back to save their sinking fortunes albeit unsuccessfully. Latter part is by no mean a wild fantasy. It is just a matter of time when curtain fall because truth has found feet in a society which is increasingly becoming an open society. By its essence, open society is a repository of lofty ideals.
It is the fountain head of new sources of energy and vigour. Out of this, new solutions emerge. The report of JIT is its apt illustration. FIA team constituted to confirm tempering of records by SECP did not also waiver to add their own color to the picture. A compromise occurs when fear or self-interest takes over. To their lasting honour, JIT threw both out of window and stood committed. Regardless of what comes out of it, they have done their best. It is indeed a quantum leap.
It has energized twinkles of hope in eyes of people. Nation owes a great debt of gratitude. Only Allah could reward such souls and he rewards fabulously. With JIT report, Sharif dynasty is in dock. They are reeling at heels of perjury, forgery and tempering. Money laundering, tax theft and accumulation of wealth beyond known means of income are backbreaking load which now they cannot off load. They have to carry as of proverbial last straw at camel back. Noose of disqualification is only one pull away. Nation is smug. At a cursory glance, street celebrations are looked just around the corner, as also said by Imran Khan by default or design. In reality situation is not so rosy for aspirants of change. It is a battle won, not the war. Still they have to traverse more distance on road to final victory.
It is widely believed that Nawaz Sharif is part and parcel of ruling elite who have ruled and plundered this country mercilessly. At present, Nawaz Sharif is the point man and probably last citadel of theirs as they could no longer count on other main political organ; PPP completely ruined in Punjab and KP. Domino effect may ensue if Nawaz Sharif is made to fall from grace. They would not let it happen so easily. They would stand back to back as they have been doing in past to save their skin. It is their common and dire cause. This time necessity is even greater.
Their titanic is about to hit iceberg. They would use all arrows and slings in their armory without any inhibition and qualm. Whatever Nawaz Sharif does to survive, their support is guaranteed. Basically it is an establishment of all major political parties sans PTI, tamed bureaucracy, hired institutional heads barring few exceptions, bought media and stakeholders at home and abroad.
Resignation by Nawaz Sharif and calling snap elections was a graceful option of some sort earlier. Now it is history. Stepping down as PM and appointing handpicked man in his place before probable legal axe falls on him, is not choice of his liking for personal considerations. Arguably cause of democracy and his party has never been his priority at expense of own self perpetuation. Besides, it is also fraught with serious political repercussions as PML (N) has always been a single man show; Nawaz Sharif. Fight, not the flight is his option. One for his sake. Other it also suits more to his companions of power, vested interests and loot and plunder. They would not like to chicken out until it becomes inevitable. Apparently Nawaz Sharif has chosen path of confrontation. Basically he embarked upon this course much earlier when JIT was still investigating.
His first salvo was to discredit JIT and present himself and his family a victim of its bias and high headedness. Now he is gearing up his legal as well as political teams to confront JIT report at Supreme Court and blur its authenticity and transparency in eyes of people by making so much noise on clumsy grounds. Their tirade will bank on issues like conspiracy to deprive country of development taking place under Nawaz Sharif, selective accountability, handiwork of establishment, right of due process, perusal of cases against Imran Khan and no resignation by Nawaz Sharif for reasons of heavy mandate and continuity of development work/CPEC etc. Enduring tactics would be to cash in on gullibility and simplicity of people.
In case of his disqualification, PML (N) may try to wriggle it out on lame pretexts or even open defiance to go scot free or forcing extra constitutional intervention for label of martyrdom. Here would lie test of Imran Khan Leadership. How he crack sense in blockheads to see reason through people’s power. It is a mandatory test of history for those who aspire for the change. In case he makes situation untenable, Nawaz Sharif may step down in favor of Kalsom Nawaz; only one left untainted out of family. Weakest dummy may be installed as PM before she is elected as MNA.
— The writer, retired Lt Col, is freelance columnist based in Islamabad.
Email: usman5064@gmail.com

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