Jibran Nasir forms ‘Aam Awam Movement’ party

Staff Reporter

Rights activist Muhammad Jibran Nasir after accepting defeat in Karachi’s NA-247 has announced the start of a new association called ‘Aam Awam Movement.’
The High Court advocate in while addressing social media users during a live session announced the birth of his new movement that will function to eliminate the problems shared by the common man.
“We have laid down the foundation of a new political movement. From today onwards we are starting Aam Awam Movement where we will talk about the problems faced by the ‘Aam Awam’,” he stated.
He also mentioned how he along with his supporters stand firm against extremist propagandas and how the country can remain unified on a common cause regardless of the differences.“By standing against extremists, we have proved that in Pakistan there is ample space for a democratic agenda which in no way is related to any caste or creed but is solely interlinked by the problems of the public,” he stated.
He went on to add: “In 2013 when I got 250 votes I did not stop working because I was working for all those 250 people who had voted for me and today if I continue working, I will be doing it for those 6,500 people who voted for me in NA and PS both.”
Regarding his new movement, Jibran remarked that it will commence its work on public agenda.
“Colour, cast and language will be overlooked, we will work for every human,” he added.
He concluded his address stating: “Wherever we will go, we will take the message of love and kindness with us. We want to be included amongst the compassionate.”

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