JI wants accountability of all in Panama, offshore companies, got written off loans



Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq said that the Islamic revolution is the only solution of all the problems facing by country. He said PPP and PML-N have made the people 100 times fool, adding that both parties always spoke lie and committed fraud with the people. He said that in the so called democratic system after martial law only few families could be seen. He said the fight of JI is against corruption and for eradicating corrupt system, adding that it is necessary to hold accountability of corrupt leadership.
He said there is need of giving roadmap and mechanism for holding accountability, adding that the accountability of all the thieves whose names have been appeared in Panama, offshore companies, in the list who got written off bank loans should be held instead of holding accountability of one individual or one family. While addressing a ceremony at JI Headquarters in Mansoora on Sunday Sirajul Haq said people voted for PML-N and PPP for the prosperity of the country.
He said the rulers always made promises with the people but always betrayed the people. He said that JI was not formed for any Nawab or tyrant Landlord. He said if the farmers and laborers would be weak the country could not make progress. He said laborers and farmers were badly betrayed by the political parties.
He said that there is need to unite the suppressed poor people. He said instead of passing 70 years no one is ready to acknowledge the laborers. He said that the international forces did not allow the poor people of Pakistan to come forward. He said it is not the system of Almighty Allah that the horses and dogs of rich people eat jams and the children of poor people search the livelihood from the heap of garbage. He said tyrant elite are not ready for real accountability.
He said that he was amazed that only those people who got written off the loans of billions of rupees do politics. He said if a poor person did not pay the bill of electricity he is sent behind bars, adding that if a poor person breaks the traffic signal he is sent in jail. He said the dogs of the rich people are given bath with the shampoo of Rs 500 daily but there is no bed for the daughter of poor person in the hospital of Lahore.
Meanwhile in an interview with a private TV channel Sirajul Haq said that the people from Chitral to Karachi were waiting for the Panama case verdict. He said the key of accountability and revolution is in the hands of the people. He said that two judges have declared prime minister disqualified in Panama case verdict.
Siraj said we have morally demanded resignation of the prime minister. He said the society will be cleaned when the accountability will be started from the high ups.—SABAH

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