JI urges govt not to secure IMF loan on harsh conditions

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The Central Shoora of Jamaat e Islami has called upon the government to adopt stringent action against the people who had plundered pubic money and built properties abroad, and bring their wealth back to the country.
A resolution adopted by the JI central body noted that cases of money laundering to the tune of Rs 324 billion had been unearthed and fake bank accounts of billions of rupees in the name of common vendors and petty shopkeepers had come to surface.
Through another resolution, the Shoora called for subsidizing the agricultural inputs in order to ensure increase in farm production. It stressed that the growers should be ensured reasonable return of their hard labour. It also demanded completion of the Mehmand Dam and the Bhasha Dam within the minimum period.
The Shoora urged the government not to secure IMF loan on harsh conditions, especially at the cost of compromising the country’s nuclear facility. .
It urged the government to make recoveries from the people who had got bank loans written off. It noted that the Supreme Court had itself initiated enquiry against these people.
The JI Shoora urged the government to implement the tax reforms with sincerity and levy minimum sales tax to ensure complete documentation of the economy. It called for doing away all forms of tax exemption. It suggested that income tax should be le vied on the income of Rs six lakh per annum.
It also demanded provision of electricity on subsidized rates to the industry to ensure increase in industrial production. It called for promoting technical education and training to overcome the problem of unemployment. It proposed allocation of six per cent of the GDP, for education and health.
Through another resolution, the JI Shoora called for promoting the Islamic culture and way of life in the country so as to raise its image in the world community. It stressed that violation of the Shariah should be avoided in every way of life. It demanded bringing all laws of the land in conformity with the Quran and the Sunnah and refraining from enacting any law that was repugnant to the Quran and the Sunnah as required by the constitution.
The Shoora noted that the Council of Islamic Ideology( CII) had played an important role in making the laws of land subservient to the Quran and the Sunnah but the governments had not presented its recommendations before the parliament which was a violation of the constitution. It called upon the government to present the CII recommendations before the parliament and the provincial assemblies to ensue amending the existing laws and the judicial system in the light of the Shariah.

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