JI opposes early elections


Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq has opposed early elections saying that the government be allowed to complete its term so that no one could become political martyr. The Jamaae-e-Islami Amir was responding to a question about demand of PTI Chairman Imran Khan for early elections and asking the Prime Minister to get a fresh mandate.
He said election is not issue of a single party but every party and at the completion of the five year term, elections should be held. He said it is a constitutional requirement as well as in the interest of the country.
Justifying his view point, Siraj ul Haq said if the government is forced out early, the PML-N would claim that they would have resolved all the problems faced by the people of Pakistan and accuse the opposition parties for conspiracies. The JI Amir said that every party should contest elections on the basis of its performance.—INP

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