JI approaches SC for probe of Panama Leaks


Govt doesn’t want progress in investigation: Siraj

Islamabad—Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan on Wednesday has filed a constitutional petition in Supreme Court of Pakistan seeking court directives to initiate investigations of Panama leaks issue followed by trail proceeding under the law of land.
Federation, Law, Finance ministries, Cabinet Division and Nab have been made party in 11 pages constitutional petition moved by Ameer Jamaat e Islami Sirajul Haq through Asad Manzoor Advocate.
The constitutional petition moved under article 184(3) maintains that resultantly a direction be issued to the parties to arrest the culprits to recover and bring the national exchequer back to Pakistan, which was illegally transferred from Pakistan to any other country.
The government authorities and agencies including Nab have not taken action despite the passage of more than four months time, therefore, the August Court is required to take immediate action about the matter, being the matter of public importance, petition added.
The petitioner has no other alternate, adequate and efficacious remedy except to invoke the original jurisdiction of this August Court Supreme Court of Pakistan because it involves a matter of public importance, petition says.
After submission of the petition talking to media in front of Supreme Court Ameer Jamaat e Islami Siraj ul Haq said that country was facing the two kinds of terrorisms including armed and financial terrorisms, adding that financial terrorism is worst than armed terrorism. An operation against armed terrorism underway but another operation against financial terrorism need of hour.
We have approached SC to get the directives for legislation to probe the Panama Leaks issue, he said adding that a large number of the personalities who are the holders of public offices are involved in the commission of said alleged offences to the nation.
Siraj lamented that no progress has been made over Panama leaks investigation after more than four months have passed. He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has tried to clear his name thrice after Panama revelations in his three addresses.
No progress has been made over the Panama commission. In fact the investigation authorities including NAB and FIA have been sleeping. I am afraid the government does not want any progress in Panama leaks investigation, said Siraj ul Haq.
“While attempting to clear his name at the same time the government has written a letter to the Supreme Court to form a commission. This is a startling letter in the history where names of no persons, companies or those responsible have been named,” he said.
“Four months have been passed since Supreme Court’s reply and the government has taken no action over it,” lamented Siraj ul Haq.
“All political parties have been demanding investigation into the Panama issue. There have been eight sessions of the Terms of Reference (ToRs) committee and no progress made so far,” said JI chief.
“Government is buying time. No results came out of the Abbottabad Commission or Mehmood ul Rehman commission. We do not want addition of another useless commission in the list,” said Siraj ul Haq.
“Investigation authorities including NAB and FIA have been sleeping. Probably it is the government which does not want any progress over the Panama leaks investigations,” said JI Ameer.
All political leadership including Sirajul Haq, Asif Ali Zardari, Imran Khan and others should go through the accountability process but the division of the opposition has strengthened the corrupt system. We would never adopt way that may affect the constitution and transparent accountability would be ensured on every cost, he added.
We would not allow the government to throw the Panama Leaks issue in cold storage and we would follow the corrupt people including politicians, bureaucrats and ex-generals, Siraj said.—SABAH

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