Jewish agenda against Muslim world


Mahrukh A Mughal

A looming perception all around the globe of insecurity, haphazardness and uncertainty has developed over Jerusalem recognition as Israel’s capital. Jerusalem was ever since recognized from three Abrahamic religions with Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Innocent killings of Palestinians ignited the Muslim world much more as the days and time is passing by. Jews and a wide swath of evangelicals referring Trump to Persian King who had lobbied hard for it as putting all his efforts to build the Jewish third temple where the Mosque Al-Aqsa stands today. In 1897, “the protocols of the Elders of Zion” purport a global plan for Jewish hegemony by subverting the goals of gentiles through controlling the world and its economy. A map was presented in its meeting by the Jewish leaders in which all the calculated lands were surrounded by the snake and was published in 1903. For 1900 years, it has been thought that the Jewish holy sacred place was fallen by Titus, the Roman Emperor. But this will eventually happen that all lands of Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, some northern part of Saudi Arabia like cities of Tabuk and Khyber, southern part of Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine all will be taken away from Muslims by Jews for the construction of “Greater Israel”.
Jews persists with their current global population of 14.41 million and in Israel about 6.5 million Jews resides. So they want a formulation of all the Jews at one place in their “Greater Israel.” Zionists had planned to rule over this world with their four primary agendas as “Armageddon” which is an immense of mass destruction, formulation of “Greater Israel”, “Demolition of Masjid al-Aqsa (Bayt al-Maqdis) and Dome of the Rock and construction of their third temple”. Temple Mount is the noble sanctuary and believed that from here the Holy Prophet (PBUH) ascended to the “Divine Presence” on the back of a winged horse so is therefore its highly venerated for Muslims as a holy site. Thereafter, Abdul Malik Bin Marwan built the Dome of the Rock in 691 CE, which was than covered through the thin sheet of gold by late Shah Hussain with 35 tones’, which the Jews believed to be use in their purpose when they will build their own third temple in future.
“Throne of David” still exists in the today’s world and the Jews want that “Throne of King David” into their “Greater Israel” as when it is silhouetted. It is that stone upon which Prophet Dawood (A.S) and Suleman (A.S) sat for coronation, and is now placed as coronation chair in Westminster Abbey. From ancient times till yet, the crown that is awarded to any Britain King or Queen and to all subsequent Israeli Kings the coronation is happened to be over that “Throne of David” which is placed in Westminster abbey and the Jews along with neo conservatives are agreed that when greater Israel will be constructed, they will take back that stone (Throne of David) there. But prior to burgeoning, the Jews want to destabilize Pakistan and Afghanistan, potentially when they will descend Masjid Al-Aqsa and Bait Al Maqdas, the whole Muslim world will be so ignited and flared up. At that time Muslim countries will be so fragile, fragmented by the influence of global powers that they would be their pocket unions and would not be enough competent to take any substantial action against their enemies and so could not be in position to consolidate the Muslim Ummah.
The governments will therefore be functioning like puppets and dummy so they will eventually be unable to stand out for their own people and will loose the base to support the basic Muslim cause. In the six days war of 1967 Arab-Israel war, Israel defeated three Muslim states and took Sinai Peninsula, Golan Heights and West Bank. And in the West Bank, the two holy sites of Muslims exist as Masjid Al Aqsa and Temple Mount. And Israel in celebration of their first victory in Paris under David Ben Gurion (1st Prime Minister of Israel) proclaims, “We do not endure any apprehensions from any Muslim state we just have the fear from Pakistan.” At that time Pakistan was not even the nuclear power. We need to be well aware that our enemies have penetrated so much into our country and much into us. We must be cognizant of the aspirations of US, Israel and India for Pakistan so to know as where we are heading. May Allah protect Pakistan from such prospective venomous agendas.
— The author, a freelance columnist, is based in Lahore.

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