Japan is a major donor, trading partner of Pakistan: Zubair


RTC on 65 years of Diplomatic Relations between Pakistan and Japan

Speakers highlight Pakistan-Japan friendship

Masroor Afzal Pasha


Elaborating the success story of Japan as a country that emerged from ashes after World War-II Governor Sindh said, the name of Japan is widely known for quality and standard that could compete with any product in the world.
The Governor Sindh Mohammad Zubair emphasized to learn the skill of transforming human capital and use available resources to transform the country.
He was addressing at a round-table conference on the eve of 65 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Pakistan and Japan jointly organized by Daily Pakistan Observer and the Pakistan-Japan Business Forum at a local hotel here on Wednesday.
He further said we have to follow the path of Japan for the development of the industrial structure to energy generation by using clean environment theory.
Zubair said education is key to everything in success and developing a nation and there are several models to follow but the Japan and some other countries model were encouraging.
“We have tried so many things for developing our country but unfortunately we take one step forward and two steps back,” Zubair pointed, added, we have right potential and human resource for success.
Recalling Relations between Japan and Pakistan, he said, we have always been very friendly, cordial and based on mutual cooperation and understanding. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on April 28, 1952, and now we are celebrating the 65th years of close cooperation between the two nations, he added.
Japan has remained as one of the major bilateral development partners to Pakistan since 1954, extending assistance in multifaceted sectors of development. Diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Japan have always been highly significant.
Japan is a major trading partner of Pakistan and a major donor for development projects. However, bilateral trade has been in favour of Japan due to the unsatisfactory performance on the part of exports from Pakistan. To bridge this gap, Pakistan needs to move away from the traditional export of raw materials and concentrate more on value-added goods, the

governor added.

Japan supports Pakistan’s counter-terrorism efforts in the sea by providing fresh water and fuel to Pakistani vessels participating in the Operation Enduring Freedom-Maritime Interdiction Operation, he added.
He appreciated Japan’s generous technical and financial assistance since 1954 and Pakistan issued a special postage stamp in 2004.
Recognizing the geopolitical importance of Pakistan and appreciating its role in fighting terrorism, Japan announced further expanding strong collaboration at all levels, the governor added.
Both the countries affirmed to work towards a renewed, enhanced and robust relationship and signed a declaration on April 30, 2005.
Pakistan is strategically located, besides offering a market with over 200 million people. It possesses right manpower available and is blessed with natural resources that any nation could desire.
Pakistan offers immense opportunities to Japanese investors to establish and expand their businesses. To ensure enabling the environment for Japanese investors, Pakistan has established Special Economic Zone for the Japanese with attractive benefits such as sole ownership, tax exemptions, repatriation of earnings and one-window operations.
Earlier, in his welcome address, the Editor-In-Chief of Pakistan Observer Faisal Zahid Malik said Japanese post-war diplomacy in Asia began with Pakistan when they exchanged high-level visits in the early 60s. On the international front, Pakistan and Japan hold similar perceptions on major issues, he added.
Keeping in view this important relationship between the two countries,
Daily Pakistan Observer and the Pakistan-Japan Business Forum have jointly hosted a round-table conference to mark the 65th anniversary between the two countries.
The relationship between Japan and Pakistan have always been friendly, understanding and based on mutual cooperation. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on April 28, 1952, he added.
Faisal Zahid Malik said, “We celebrate the 65 years of close cooperation between the two friendly nations, this relationship can be traced back to 538 AD when today’s Pakistan, then a cradle of the Gandhara civilization, served as a source for the promotion of
Buddhism in Japan.” The year 2017 marks the 65th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Japan.
During all this period, Pak-Japan relations have traditionally been strong.
Japan was a source of aspiration as Pakistan constructed its industry and economy in the 1950s and 1960s. Meanwhile, it was Pakistan that pleaded the case for post-war Japan including early restoration of its sovereignty and economy.
Pakistan Observer is actively engaged in highlighting the national and international issues by holding Round Table Conferences and publishing
Special Reports and Supplements. Pakistan Observer has the privilege of hosting three very successful RTCs on Islamic Banking, Investment Conference, Energy Crises, Nuclear Power Plants in Karachi, Kashmir issue etc. The very successful RTC of the Pakistan Observer titled China-The Peace Maker was held on September 27, 2017, in Karachi to which we received tremendous response from all concerned quarters.
The Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Corporation, Kimihide Ando said Pakistan is a business partner of Japan. We have a long relationship with the people of Pakistan and we speak the same language of business, he added. The business environment has improved immensely in Pakistan and there is a need for further improvement in this regard, he added.
President Habib Metropolitan Bank, Sirajuddin Aziz said Japanese products are top of the line and known to quality as well as standard.
Outlining the Japanese economic growth after Second World War, he said Japan kick-start its economic agenda from $102 billion to now 5 trillion dollar GDP. The reason behind its flourishing economy is stability in policies. Since 1945, there are about 45 prime ministers that mark the stability of Japan, he added.
Japan’s economy increase a little in numbers but its impact is too big on its economic ground, he added.
“Japan is the nation of followers and we (Pakistan) as a country of leaders, a country with 22 million leaders,” he remarked.
Sirajuddin Aziz said, “We need to align our priorities for success and use available resources.”
Chairman Arif Habib Group, Arif Habib said Japan is the name of quality and commitment. Pakistan has many problems but at the same time, we have a right potential for growth.
Pakistan offers many opportunities for investment, especially in the energy sector, the project of RLNG where Japan has the right expertise to work and invest. The government planned 20,000 megawatts of electricity that includes clean and alternate energy such as wind and solar power, he pointed out.
Pakistan possesses the huge potential of coal-based energy as well as solar and wind energy that is not burdening the consumers and at the same time right area to investment for foreign companies, he said, adding, another area is automobile and steel sector that possesses immense potential.
Japan could work together in various areas of investment that have potential and where we have the future, he added.
The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Japan Business Forum, Sohail Pervez Ahmed said the trade balance is in favor of Japan.
During last two years, there are some activities between the two countries and there are some new coming and open their offices for businesses, he informed.
It is unfortunate that we have not implemented early harvest system in Pakistan as Japan had trained people in this regard, he said, adding, “We need to use Japan’s have expertise and strength in other areas such as industry, infrastructure and power generation sector.”
Former Chief Executive Officer of Trade Development Authority (TDAP) S M Muneer informed the conference that from next coming season, Pakistan would export huge quantity of quality mangoes to Japan.
Japan should give some priority to Pakistan in leather export like Bangladesh on zero rate duty. Japan charge heavy duty on Pakistani leather that is why we are unable to compete, he said
Consul General of Japan, Toshikazu Isomura said we are working and doing business in this geographical area since 1919, but due to World War-II, Japan had suspended the trade. Japan restarted trade in
1953 with Pakistan from importing raw cotton. Currently, there are many Japanese companies working in Pakistan, he added.
He said, “I salute the people who arranged this conference to mark the 65th years of friendship with us (Japan).”
In 1985, I first came to Pakistan and I have the friendship with some Pakistani friends living in mountains and always discuss Japan’s wartime stories, he recalled.
He said that a Japanese Company Hitachi made turbines for Pakistan’s first Nuclear Power Plant— Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) in the early 70s.
He desired that he wanted to link some city of Pakistan with any Japanese city as twin cities and I will continue to work on that.


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