Jai Hind..!

SOMEWHERE up in the skies two men, long dead, walked together. One with a cigar stuck in an arrogant, determined bull dog face, the other, bespectacled, with only loin cloth and walking stick, kept abreast.
“Seventy years Mr Gandhi! Are you happy you freed your nation from me?” asked the cigar smoking white man. The bent man with walking stick looked down through the skies at the India he loved. “Yes,” he said.
“Look at the countries around, my half naked fakir,” said bulldog face Churchill with a smirk, “at China, Korea, Malaysia, they have progressed far more than your people have.” Gandhiji smiled, “My people are free, their minds unshackled. No dictator tells them what to do, no military ruler makes them shine his shoes, like you see in those countries!” “And that?” asked Churchill pointing down at a hospital in UP with fathers and mothers weeping.
“Sixty dead and there’s hardly a reaction from the people except for some newspapers! And what about your women being raped? Lynching and roaming gangs ?” A tear rolled down the eye of the Father of The Nation.
“As much as freedom moulds heroes, so also does it breed bullies,” he said slowly, “but the wonder of freedom is that the heroes it moulds, are men of valour. Freedom lets their courage blossom and when they take on the bullies as they surely will, they win. Men of courage are slowly being fashioned and they will soon be heard. It is the freedom I won for them that gives them mouths to speak.”
The cigar chewing Englishman looked at his companion with a bemused look on his face. “You love your people don’t you Mr Gandhi?” “Very much Mr Churchill.” “Even though they finally killed you?” “I forgive them, for they didn’t know what they were doing.”
The cigar chewing bulldog face along with his half naked companion, stood on the ramparts of the Red Fort and looked at the missiles and war heads, the tanks and armoured cars that filed past. “Doesn’t speak much for your non violence does it Mohandas?” “We still pursue peace,” he said simply and proudly.
“Freedom,” whispered the bent man with the stick to the cigar chewing Englishman, “is the knowledge my people have that they can choose to have whoever they want to rule them. That is what we celebrate on Independence Day”
Bull dog Churchill looked at the people and back to his old adversary, and nodded in agreement. They both stood ram rod straight as the national anthem was played, and as the Mahatma shouted ‘Jai Hind,” he heard clearly next to him, the Englishman doing the same, and he smiled for a country he loved…!
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