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Jacinda, IK & Madina model

Naveed Aman Khan

FIFTY Muslims were martyred and twenty seriously wounded in terrorist attacks by an Australian national Brenton Harrison Tarrant at two mosques in central Christchurch, New Zealand on March15 Friday. This massacre was carried out by a white nationalist extremist who posted a racist manifesto online and streamed live video of his brutal attacks on Facebook. Court papers listed his New Zealand address as Dunedin City, which is about 280 miles south of Christchurch. After visiting victims and their families Saturday afternoon, Prime Minister Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern said that many of the people who died in the attacks were the breadwinners in their families and that the government would help those who had been left without income. The martyrs are from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Jordan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
The non-Muslim terrorist targeted the Al Noor Mosque in the centre of the city and Linwood Mosque, about three miles away. The martyred 41 Muslims at Al Noor Mosque and seven at Linwood Mosque, and that another victim embraced martyrdom at Christchurch Hospital. Two including one lady outside the Al Noor Mosque were targeted on either side of the road. Terrorist Tarrant charged with murder was produced Saturday morning in a Christchurch courtroom. The New Zealand police said that the terrorist would face additional charges. In a Christchurch court hearing closed to the public for security reasons, police officers in bullet-proof vests brought in the terrorist, Brenton Harrison Tarrant. He had been charged with one count of murder (but would face additional charges). Terrorist Tarrant, 28, short with thinning brown hair, handcuffed and wearing white prison clothing, looked around the courtroom but said nothing as District Court Judge Paul Kellar ordered him held for a further hearing on April 5. Families are mourning their loved ones. The martyred Pakistanis are buried in the city of Christchurch amongst flooded hearts and souls. Martyred are handed over to their families for funerals and burials. Though officials have not released the names of those martyred, a list of missing has been published by the New Zealand Red Cross on its website.
A 17-minute video posted to Facebook shows part of the attacks. The clip, which appeared to have been taken from a helmet camera worn by the terrorist, begins behind the wheel of a car. Preparing of the video of martyring the Muslims reflects that savage terrorist has been at fun. Terrorist, whose face can occasionally be seen in the rearview mirror, enjoying music drove through the streets of Christchurch before pulling up in front of Al Noor Mosque, beside the sprawling Hagley Park. To him it was not a terrorist act it rather seemed just a fun. He parked in the alley next to the Al-Noor Mosque at Deans Ave. Relaxed terrorist opened fire at around 1:40 afternoon. He re entered mosque and began firing. After a while he resumed firing outside the mosque and shot a bystander. After finishing the fatal bullets he came out of the mosque and picked another loaded one.
Terrorist Harrison approached the mosque in a car. His automatic weapons were visible in video. He started shooting Muslims busy in praying and reciting Holy Qur’an. What follows is a harrowing nearly two minutes of his firing on these innocent peace loving Muslims. From here laudable behaviour of New Zealand Premier Jacinda Kate Laurelle Ardern 38 commences. Born on 26 July 1980 in Hamilton Jacinda Ardern is a New Zealand politician and has been serving as the 40th Prime Minister since 26 October 2017. As she came to know about the savageness of the Australian terrorist, Premier Jacinda Ardern appeared in mourning black attire with scarf on head. She was seen condemning the terrorist act consoling the grieved families. She immediately announced ban on all types of automatic and semi-automatic weapons in the peaceful country. It was said that disobedience of the government’s this particular decision will be dealt with an iron hand.
The next day New Zealand Parliament proceedings were initiated with the unprecedented recitation of Holy Qur’an to assure her fullest solidarity and love for the Muslims of the world in general and those residing in New Zealand in particular. On her special announcement on the next Friday prayer time call for prayer (Azaan) was allowed in different mosques in entire New Zealand. She promised that grieved families will be officially taken care because departing ones were their breadwinners. The following Friday of incident witnessed unbelievable scenes of solidarity and humanity of New Zealanders, Australians and other Europeans. Newspapers of New Zealand highlighted news depicting peace, harmony and solidarity messages. On her behalf one paper said, ‘Assalam o Alaykum’. Peace for all.
One terrorist Harrison carried out worst level of savageness while Premier Jacinda Ardern conduct remained classic. In a non-Muslim country New Zealand her behaviour reflected examples of Madina Model while in a Muslim country Pakistan our Madina Model slogan bearer Premier Imran Khan’s conduct after Sahiwal brutality remained with big question mark on. After Christchurch torrential incident Premier Jacinda Ardern because of her love for Muslims have become the most popular leader in the Muslim world. To end terrorism basic comparative study and understanding of different religions is the need of the time. Love, harmony, humanity and solidarity are the fundamental essences of all the religions. All the religions address patience and tolerance. To end worldwide terrorism fundamental believes of every one should be honoured.
— The writer is political analyst based in Islamabad.