Izhaan Mirza-Malik eligible for Indian passport only

Bipin Dani


Sania Mirza will need to register her newly born son’s name (Izhaan Mirza-Malik) with the Ministry of Home Affairs to make him eligible to get passport from Indian government.
This was revealed by Subodh Kumar, the Deputy Passport Officer.
Speaking exclusively over telephone from Delhi, he said, “any child having parents of two different nations used to get Indian passport automatically, if he or she is born in India, but now the rule has been changed”.
“As per the new rule the child’s name has to be registered first with the Ministry of Home Affairs to get Indian passport”.
The newly born boy will not be permitted to have Pakistani passport, though his father (Shoaib Malik) is born in Pakistan.
“It is a basic rule. No Indian can have passport of the other country also”, Subodh Kumar added further.
Incidentally, Izhaan will not get Pakistan citizenship either.
As per Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and passport and immigration laws in Pakistan, the Pak. government has notably dual nationality arrangements with few countries but not with India.
Sania Mirza has not given up her Indian citizenship and hence her son will be eligible to hold Indian passport.
Malik’s mother welcomes new arrival. In the meantime, Sultana, Shoaib Malik’s mother has congratulated her daughter-in-law.
“I spoke to her (Sania Mirza) and expressed our feelings for the new arrival. We wanted the son and we are very happy”, speaking from Sialkot, she said exclusively.
However, she had no clue when she would be able to see her grand-son. At the moment, she will only she him in the photographs.

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