ITU’s robotics expo excellent display of youth potential for technological solutions


The Information Technology University (ITU) Punjab’s 7th Robotics Expo is excellent display of youth potential in innovative technological solutions. Ms. Elizabeth K. Trudeau Consul General US Lahore said while addressing the participants here today.
She expressed her pleasant excitement at the project demonstrations and said that in this era where everyone was racing for innovating the best technological solutions, events like these were really crucial to get the youth out of their comfort zones and make them perform at their maximum potential. ITU students of 3rd semester showcased their 15 projects that offer modern technological solutions to locally relevant problems of our country.
Dr. Umar Saif, founding Vice Chancellor ITU said in his message that Robotics Expo has undoubtedly become the flagship event of ITU. This biannual event has been inspiring people all over the country for more than three years now and many people have started to follow these footsteps to revolutionize the state of technological innovation in this country, he added.
Talha Rehmani, the lead of robotics program at ITU expressed that it was really stimulating to work with these energetic undergraduate third-semester students who were exhibiting such skills in applying their knowledge and taking care of locally relevant issues at this level.
Some of the fascinating projects demonstrated by students were: Rekhta: an Urdu typing and transliteration software that can be used with any browser, Simba: a four-legged robot that can entertain people and share their load, Robosec: a small robot equipped with night-vision that provides security at night.—NNI

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