Ittihadul Muslimeen condemns arrest spree in Muharram

Srinagar—Jammu & Kashmir Ittihadul Muslimeen (JKIM) chief spokesman has strongly condemned the stopping of senior APHC leader Maulana Mohammad Abbas Ansari and Masroor Abbas Ansari from leading Muharram procession at Gulshanbagh, Madin Sahib ,Srinagar, the arrest spree launched by police to foil the important Muharram processions calling it a sheer interference into religious rights of the people.
“People were prohibited from joining Alam Shareef procession on the very first day of big processions by imposing curfew, restrictions and curbs on their movement. Govt is deliberately provoking people by night raids and arresting Shia youth. We also condemn stopping of chief religious personality Maulana Abbas Ansari from giving religious sermon on the occasion.”
The spokesperson said that Kashmir has been converted into a Police State where there is no religious freedom despite tall claims by govt about Muharram arrangements.
He said: “While divisive elements want to divide Muslims on sectarian terms, the present govt also wants to create differences among Muslims of the state but we should hold the rope of unity and defeat these elements.”—Email

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