It takes a thief to catch a thief

Javaid Bashir

Proverbs are powerful expression of experience-based adages. It is often said, “ It takes a thief to catch a thief”. It means an expert can nail down the other one. After the Prime Minister’s threat to NAB, it is clear that accountability of corrupt is not possible in our country. The ministers have joined in the chorus. Their tongues have been unleashed and they are maligning the NAB to pressurize its officials.
The Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah is leading the group and biting at the heels of the NAB. He has dared to challenge NAB investigations against PML (N) leadership. It seems to be veiled threat to halt the NAB actions. He has been irked by the bold stance of the NAB Chairman about taking action against corrupt element.
I think these statements emanating from PML (N) quarters are not only self-serving but self damaging too. What the Prime Minister has said is obvious; it needs no explanation or translation. In the same breadth he welcomed the NAB to investigate any project of the Punjab Government. The opposition leader K Shah said, it seems that NAB was going to take action against the PML (N). The minister should not issue threats. They should discuss this matter in Parliament.
On the other hand the man in the focus Qamar Zaman Ch, Chairman NAB, has expressed his resolve to spare not a single corrupt person. Our objective is to bring back looted money. Fair enough we must give him credit and commend him for his services & neutrality. With rampant corruption prevailing in the country the Rule of Law is severely jeopardized.
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